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Unholy Tahm Kench by Dexistor371
Unholy Tahm Kench
Like with Ekko that recieved dark-red themed recolor (Forsaken Ekko) I decided to do similar recolor for Tahm Kench. Basically this recolor is a little bit more than chroma-pack that contains only one tint but includes recolored particles. When doing this recolor I wanted to create something dark-purple-red themed like Void creatures (Void Fizz for example). Later I decided to keep his intelligent look with hat and clothes, fitting them with dark-purple theme. Nothing more to say, this is pretty simple recolor of his textures and particles.

Download links and preview image
Forsaken Ekko by Dexistor371
Forsaken Ekko
This is a very simple recolor which was inspired by latest Jayce skin – Forsaken Jayce, featuring dark red and blue particles. Same color scheme used for Creator Viktor. And now I’m trying to do something similar looking for newly created champion Ekko. His base skin is mostly cyan and green, while his first skin is about sand, gold and yellow colors (almost like Azir). So in contrast to these two skins you can try another one, which uses mostly red particles and sometimes purple, so it is not so monocolored. Remember blue speeding gates for Jayce? Same idea here. If you have any nice ideas on Ekko reskins, post them in comments!

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ThEpOnDdUcK Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2015  Student General Artist
Ha I found the guy doing those cool lol stuff! Tried it myself a bit and its fun to do! It's really enjoyable to browse your gallery :)
Alex05 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2015
Dexistor371 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2015
Man stop it. I know about this and visiting reddit and every day. I have my own proglems with that so I can't get access to the game client.
adzy122 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014
Hello Dexistor.

first of all I wanted to tell you that you have some exceptional artwork keep it going.

I would like to ask you if I could use the overlay (…
on my stream.

Thank you in advance for your answer.
Best Regards,
Dexistor371 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014
All overlays are free to use. You see download button - use it!
DeadsetGaming Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014
Hello! I'm currently working on a fan project for the actual conversion of the Diablo universe in Hearthstone mechanics. I would very much love to use a cleaned up version of your concept here on DeviantArt - can we make it work somehow? :) Cheers!
Dexistor371 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2014
Hey. I'm a bit busy now. But that concept is free to use. I'll be glad if something like that will be implemented or created
DeadsetGaming Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014
Is there a .psd you would be willing to share with a clean battlefield (no units/hero portraits)? =) It would be of great help!
Dexistor371 Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014
sorry I forgot what about u're talking?
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